Tara Colegrove

taraMeet Tara, massage therapist-esthetician extraordinaire! This Idaho native has skied Brundage since her infancy, and has fancied McCall as long as she can remember. Fresh out of high school, Tara pursued a degree in nursing. The clinical train took her north to the city, then way far south, out of Idaho completely. When the conductor pulled the brakes and coasted to a stop, Tara found herself in the desert, where it was hot. Really hot. Sweating through a hike one day, her parched delirium brought about a sweet realization that nursing school was only a stepping stone in her greater journey. On to massage school this little lady went, where her medical background complemented perfectly the therapeutic touch of which her massage clients rave. Now Tara had truly discovered a passion, and applied her new skill set in many environs.
But over medical offices and department stores, the spa atmosphere fit her best. Never settling for good enough, however, back to school Tara went, this time for esthetics, the perfect massage therapy compliment. Again her nursing degree proved useful. Tara’s clinical approach to skin care gives clients a targeted, results oriented treatment. Now this well armored spa therapist has the world at her helm. Anywhere could this spa princess go! But over the desert and through the woods, and up a mountain into the clouds she flew, for the calm waters of Payette Lake were whispering for her. Thankfully for us, she has settled at Spa del Sol, where she offers a full array of spa services.

Karen Kessler

Karen 2In addition to skin care specialist and massage therapist, Karen holds a number of titles: dog trainer, small business owner, woodcarver, and educator are just a few. She’s a true Renaissance woman for the modern age. Born and raised in western Montana, Karen moved to Idaho to pursue a career as an elementary educator.
But molding tiny brains apparently wasn’t enough to keep her busy and her aspirations lead her to build a small business from the ground up. If her multiple titles and impressive work ethic have made her sound like an “all work and no play” kind of woman, that would be a false impression! Like all of our staff, Karen’s got a well- developed playful side and, in case her titles didn’t clue you in, wide-ranging interests. Travel is a favorite, as long as it’s active travel. While some of us (ahem) see a full Kindle and someone bringing us cold beverages while we read by a body of water as the perfect vacation, not Karen. She’s walked from the west coast of England to the east coast and backpacked in Europe.
When she’s not actively exploring the wonders of far-flung locales, she’s actively enjoying the wonders of our own small corner of paradise. In summer you’ll find Karen running her dog through an agility course, riding her bike, or running the trails of Ponderosa State Park or Bear Basin. Once the snow falls (everyone do your snow dance for a good winter season!) she enjoys skate skiing and is an accomplished builder of snowmen. (Her record: 10’ 2”. So far. She thinks she can beat it this year.)
While her achievements have required hard work and dedication, she believes strongly that self-care is an essential ingredient for a successful life. How could this esthetician and massage therapist not have landed at Spa del Sol? It’s a perfect fit as she (and we) believe “beautiful skin starts from within” and you can’t take care of anyone else if you don’t care for yourself first. Exercise, a regular yoga practice, a sunny outlook, and a good skincare routine combine to make Karen one of the most radiant people we know. Let her talent and her joy help you create a glow that starts from your innermost self and radiates out.

Tessa Redmon

tessaTessa may be young, but there’s nothing tentative or naive about her practiced, healing touch. We are enormously lucky to have lured this talented massage therapist back to the wilds of McCall from the thriving metropolis of Boise.
In our favor, Tessa loves the great outdoors and, as you all know, there are few places better for appreciating them than beautiful McCall. She also enjoys the calm and healing atmosphere of working in a spa. It’s a perfect complement to the relaxation she promotes in a therapy room with her clients.
When she’s not making our guests feel better about their bodies, their lives, and the universe in general, Tessa can be found fishing, hiking, swimming, or horse-back riding.
We would never say that loving animals is a prerequisite for working here, but … it definitely doesn’t hurt. Like the rest of us, Tessa is gaga over her pets. Her two dogs, Layla and Rowdy, and two cats, Marley and Mr. Wilson, get a large share of her attention in her off-hours. And we’ve heard rumors that a fainting goat may soon be joining the household …

Emma Bussolini

EmmaEmma, light of our life, star of our sky, moon of our Moonpie … wait. That got away from us a little. Let’s start over. Emma has been at Spa del Sol almost from the beginning and has grown into the kind of massage therapist that clients (and we) just can’t imagine living without. But wait! There’s more! Not only is she a magician at getting your body to release tension you didn’t even know you were carrying, she decided to continue her education and has turned herself into a miracle-working esthetician as well. Bringing her therapeutic touch to skin care was a logical next step, and her knowledge and experience make her treatments both clinically beneficial and relaxingly indulgent.
Whether she’s hiking, rafting, skiing, snow-boarding, or enjoying a yoga class in our own studio, Emma takes full advantage of living in this magical place. She knows our little town inside out and when she’s not making your skin glow and your muscles relax she can tell you the best place to have lunch with your grandchildren, find wildflowers in July, grab a beer with your bestie, or soak in a natural hot spring.

Barb Ledgard

BarbBarb has a wealth of knowledge, but perhaps our favorite is her massage therapy expertise. An avid athlete and sport enthusiast, Barb knows the body… how it functions, and how to fix it when it’s not functioning optimally. Barb performs all of our massage modalities, but specializes in deep tissue and rehabilitative treatments. If you catch her in her spare time (and literally, we mean catch her, because she’s super fast!), you’ll probably encounter Barb outdoors hiking, biking, skiing, or feeding fresh flower pollen to bees.